Greenway: Premium wood fuel pellets

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Hassell and Hughes

Lumber Company was founded in 1929 by Tom Frank Hassell and Ralph M. Hughes, Sr. and today is under the guidance of Ralph M. Hughes, Jr., CEO and President. The Company has been in business in Tennessee for over 78 years, and over the years Hassell & Hughes has produced many quality wood products to include manufactured hardwood lumber, unfinished flooring and semi-finished furniture and cabinet parts.

'Green' Product

The amount of sawdust and wood waste that a hardwood lumber manufacturer generates can be enormous and in our unfinished flooring mill alone we produce in excess of 100 tons of kiln-dried wood waste per day. Realizing the potential to generate a "green" and useful product, Hassell and Hughes began wood pellet production under the name of Greenway in December 2006 and we currently produce about 5 truckloads of Greenway Premium Wood Fuel Pellets per day.

Earth Friendly

Hassell and Hughes Lumber Company, made up of over 230 associates, is committed to producing premium quality hardwood products and Greenway Premium Wood Fuel Pellets is an example of a clean and environmentally friendly product.
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